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Flatiron Plaza – Final Presentation

Click here to see our final presentation.

Team: Carrie, Jung-Joon, Marcelo, Rachel, Ting Ting

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Team Tapper—FINAL prototype

Our 4th prototype, watch the video here.

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Team MALM final prototype

Our last iteration was a feed the frog inter-borough battle in the studio. We simulated the catapult experience with plastic spoons and paper:

IMG_1340  IMG_1350  IMG_1349  IMG_1348


  • There was a learning curve with the game, it wasn’t easy to ‘catapult’ paper balls into the frogs mouth.
  • People learned fast though, and started adjusting their distance from the frog/ the amount of pressure they applied to the spoons while launching paper balls
  • Towards the end they started to grab any paper ball they could find and seemed to forget that their points were being counted using the colour of the borough they were representing
  • People got creative with their strategies on how to get the most paper balls in given the allotted time.  Luke, for instance, kept his set of paper balls in his shirt pocket so he didn’t bend down and reload each time.
  • Is there someone we can assign to collect the paper balls that end up on the ground instead of the basket?  Some players ran out of paper balls and had to restock by running around picking them up.
  • the game was fun and intense. It created a lot energy and excitement not only for players, but for the viewers of the game too.

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Flux Final Iteration

This week we worked a lot on making the prototype more engaging for passers-by. We wanted to involve the actual passing pedestrians in the light show. To achieve this we collaborated on pseudo-code to try and add projector and video functionality. Sam W dove into a Processing sketch that incorporated a video library and a color sensor. After some trial and error we were able to get a live feed, choose a certain range of pixels (roughly one third of the way down the screen, as seen below) and then map those pixels across the full height of the screen. When we translated this to the projected image on the floor the effect was much more compelling and could hopefully help pedestrians recognize the connection between their attire and the projected image.

Photo Dec 03, 12 41 41 PM

The physical prototype proved to be a bit more time-consuming, somehow. We set out to build a system which would let us position the projector vertically and scatter the light across the floor nearby. We took some rough measurements and built a second prototype. Its visual effect left something to be desired, largely because the angle and height were incorrect. We returned to the VFL to adjust the design and came out with a much more effective product. We will be using this in our final presentation and video.

Below you’ll see some stills from our earlier and more recent prototypes.




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Park Talk Final Iteration – “Make Your Mark”

Final Stretch . . . Park-talk final iteration was conducted at SVA Interaction Design studio Friday @ 1pm.  A personalized profile drawn Badges were made to represent each student from the class of 2015.  Each badge was laid out with a hand-drawn caricature, an unfinished prompt eliciting individual’s activity to be written in upon deciding the location to leave their mark within the studio.

Our approach was basically to create an analog opinion/poll/choice/input that gets placed AT the location rather than on a map, and by “locals” of the studio.

The result– students reacted favorably to the prototype because it’s amusing to see the range of commentary – some comments are practical, others are inside-jokes/humorous that would be understood within the local community that inhabited the 3rd floor of Interaction Design program at 136 W. 21st NY, NY.

Our final prototype elicited a sense of whimsy  and playfulness prompted by the design but really only actualized and the story to come in full fruition based on the participation by the community themselves. The collected identities left at each location expressed the various “personalities” to come through the studio, giving a sense of “aliveness” and a sense of belonging and/or community to the locals inhabitant.  The markers left by the “locals” were a co-creation that we could not have imagined by pure design alone.

Here are the results of the outcome of the prototype which is grouped by similar location:

North Classroom/Breakout Rooms


Kitchen/Dining Area


Lounge Area


Student Lab

student lab area

Men’s Loo

mens loo

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