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    Team Haik-ool-

    Nice presentation of information. Very clear and organized.
    I think that the basic mechanics of a scavenger could work but I would ask you to brainstorm around a few aspects that I am not sure would be successful in this context:
    1. What is a compelling call to action?
    2. Is it s group thing or an individual thing? I think you should probably choose.
    3. If this game is really successful all of a sudden you have 40,000 people roaming the stadium, can this experience be done all from one’s seat?
    4. Is this a synchronous experience (does a game have a specific start and stop time) Or asynchronous (beat the best time so far)
    5. What are some ways to amp up the social aspect of this?
    6. How do you prevent people from cheating? Can’t they just click that they found every thing?


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