Diamond Define (Datrianna, Somin, Josh and Max)


Within the collective stadium experience exist many individual journeys, lots of excitement and no shortage of distraction. At the core of this experience, there is a cohesive community built on the foundation of these dynamic and multifaceted components. People who come to the game enjoy a unique atmosphere and shared experience created by the presence of tens of thousands of other fans and visitors.  We intend to leverage the energy and excitement of these fans to build a community and enrich the stadium-going experience.  

Our work is predicated on building communities within the stadium atmosphere. Fans outside of the stadium experience the game at a different level, and can be less invested — but can also exist in constant connection through fantasy, commerce, and communication. We are interested in exploring proximity-based content-sharing and relationship-building to magnify the experience of being present at the stadium, while at the same time building a bridge to fans outside the stadium’s walls.


  • Make the in-stadium experience feel more like a community for fans
  • Create a system to allow for macro and micro communities within a stadium culture
  • Connect fans at the front lines, fans in the nosebleeds, and fans outside the stadium
  • Use technology to complement the game-watching experience, not overshadow it
  • Convey the passion and raw energy of tens of thousands of stadium-goers
  • Meet people where they are, and appreciate that fans have come to the stadium to watch a game, not interact with complex technology


  • Near real-time, location-specific, upvoted content
  • Content is populated by fan engagement, and will require consistent commitment from all parties involved
  • Requires, at its core, a closed feedback loop between participants
  • Leverages everyday mobile device or uses easily-accessible kiosk

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