Week 8 News

Class recap:

Effy, Sam. C and Dami gave their technology presentations, and we spent the remainder of the class discussing each group’s first prototype iteration.


  1. Continue developing your idea.  Next week, Michael will meet with each group to discuss the following items. Please document your thinking in a blog post, file it under Final project – week 2, and get it up by Sunday 11/2.
    • Test second prototype: If your group has already tested out in the field, try your next prototype in the studio. To allow enough time for interaction and analysis, prototypes should be installed by tomorrow (Thurs, 10/30).
    • Define your user
    • Write a creation myth
    • Define your intervention: as thing, base sense, content delivery (in other words, think of it as an object, something that makes light sound or you touch, and think about how it communicates information)
    • Propose two new interventions: Diverge based on your findings and and propose two new interventions
    • Start thinking about your 6-week development plan
  2. Technology projects. Next week, we’ll here from Jeff, Mini, Hanna, Amy, Michie and Mike.


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