Team Tapper—Final Project—Week 3



Series of Goals:

  • Find out what draws people to play games
  • Connect the two worlds of game playing and beer drinking
  • Learn where the games are—wayfinding—awareness of what games are at each location
  • Make the bar more interactive

Take away from the test 2:

  • Bartender gives the coaster first before they serve the beer, so it is hard to match the beer and game through bartender
  • Content on our coaster is too long to read
  • Suggestion from the bartender: make it short and interesting to attract people
  • Suggestion from the bartender: the layout matters, we should try other locations as well, such as St.Marks and Williamsburg
  • Bartender says people play games because there is a connection to their childhood
  • The location and the layout matter, for example, NYU students go to the one in St. Marks often as a group, they enjoy playing game as a group, and some barcade locations are adding more group playing games, fighting games
  • Highlight that ALL of the games are 25 cents
  • Coaster need to have a nice design and brighter color to be noticed

New ideas:

  • Die-cut a quarter holder in all the coasters, so when someone orders a beer they have an incentive to test out an arcade game. We would have instructions on the coaster for a particular game and where it is located in the bar.
  • Breeding competition with groups of friends

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  1. admin

    This is looking really good. I think this could be an interesting product for a brewery like Brooklyn Brewery, Other Half, Victory… or another New York Brewery to sponsor with their beers.
    I would set some clear measures of success for your next iteration (5% of people go and play the game that was on the coaster, 10% of the people notice the coaster…)
    I like the quarter idea. Not sure what breeding competition means?
    I would ask you to do a brainstorm around technical augmentations of this idea. I really like that you are working within the constraints of the actual space that you are designing for, but it could be helpful to also do a little blue sky thinking, what if you had $1M and could project on every surface, embed RFID chips in each beer glass, make laser beams come out of the beer taps?

    Good work!

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