Team Jared: Projection Prototype

Our focus over the week has been using projection to display content. During IxD open house, we projected pictures of people within the IxD space and let others participate by tagging their photos of IxD via Twitter and Instagram. We curated the pictures and then projected them onto the wall. Fun stuff. This helped solidified that content is what truly connects us and opens us to engage in it.


Then we wanted to show specific content surrounding the area of a stop. We chose the N/R stop on 23rd under the Flatiron building and next to Madison Sq. Park. We put together a looping deck of Flatiron and Madison Sq. Park imagery and then projecting that on the subway’s walls as people passed by.

Sadly, the battery to power the projector failed on us before anyone could engage with it.

Setting up.



Right before the battery failed.


But here are some concepts of what we would have liked to happened …



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