Team MALM – Week 5

This week, our prototype story is brought to you by Instagram. Please take a look at feedthefrognyc.

We unfortunately forgot to capture shots of our large signage and 5-borough scoreboard — will update this post as soon as we can get a few photos of them since they did play a role in attracting our audience!

A few things we learned:

  • the toy naturally attracted young kids, but the skills involved were too challenging for them
  • adults were generally more hesitant to play, but more apt at succeeding. some specific types of adults ended up really enjoying the experience, including people who love games, people who are competitive, and people who feel pride for their borough
  • social proof: people were drawn to the game when they saw other people playing / having fun
  • using boroughs as a point for competition was an effective way of inviting people to play the game
  • there was a sense of nostalgia for a lot of the adults – many of them mentioned they recognized this game from their childhood (even though they didn’t know the name)
  • a practice round was helpful to newcomers, as it let them get a good sense of how much force to use on the catapults
  • maybe claiming that they could play for free would entice more people
  • we had a broad range of age- groups of the participants. Kids seemed to take more time to learn the game but were more keen on playing. (something we will want to take into consideration while building our next experiment)

Sketches of a potentially grander, life-sized model:


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