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Crowd sourced prompts (learned through previous prototypes) for a life size dice (as previously discuss in our brainstorm session and what resonated when shared with Melody and Amy) for users to discover activities and locations of WSP. Also, we chose to do something slightly different and with knowledge/data learned from previous experiments.
WSP big foam core map + 20″x20″ cube with prompts on each side
6 prompts total with one being left empty so that we were able to change it out based on what was happening at the park
Date/Time: Sunday Nov 23rd @ 12:40
Launched for 30 mins.
3 locations: West of Fountain 10 min, North of Fountain10 min, Plaza East of WSP 20 mins
Very few people were engaged in the prototype
A few ppl stopped to look at the prototype but no engagement.
Less children engaged today overall
Only one lady stopped by to engage in prototype but she ended up writing on the board to indicate where the pigeon guy is located on the map
Today, there were many activities happening in the park, therefore possibly competing attention with our prototype
Live Piano player
Lady creating huge bubbles (had huge kids engagement)
Fake pigeons by the North of WSP by the Arch
Live pigeons by the plaza towards the East side of the park
Brand Trio on the South side of the park
Our intentions:
We had intended for the prototype to be a way for park-goers to discover new activities or parts of the park.
The board set up was on the ground verse eye level this time. We also made sure to observe from afar. At a few times we engaged flipping the cube to help cause traction in interest of the prototype which  still led to no response.
Our Takeaways & questions going forward
  • A drawn ‘How to’ example could have been helpful for today’s prototype.
  • Dice should have possibly looked like a real dice. Our dice prototype looked almost like just a big craft box.
  • Maybe creating your new path with the dice would be more fun instead of pointing out to just one direction. (Or reward something?)
  • The cube with the prompt . . . not sure if pole knew how to engage with it? Did we need another prompt indicating to “roll the cube”.
  • Was the cube suggestive enough as a dice to have that game aspect
  • Was the set up inviting enough?
  • Were there too many other activities at the park that competed w/our installation?
  • Did we have it at the right location or faced the right way that allowed users to see better and allow easy engagement.
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