Flux Final Iteration

This week we worked a lot on making the prototype more engaging for passers-by. We wanted to involve the actual passing pedestrians in the light show. To achieve this we collaborated on pseudo-code to try and add projector and video functionality. Sam W dove into a Processing sketch that incorporated a video library and a color sensor. After some trial and error we were able to get a live feed, choose a certain range of pixels (roughly one third of the way down the screen, as seen below) and then map those pixels across the full height of the screen. When we translated this to the projected image on the floor the effect was much more compelling and could hopefully help pedestrians recognize the connection between their attire and the projected image.

Photo Dec 03, 12 41 41 PM

The physical prototype proved to be a bit more time-consuming, somehow. We set out to build a system which would let us position the projector vertically and scatter the light across the floor nearby. We took some rough measurements and built a second prototype. Its visual effect left something to be desired, largely because the angle and height were incorrect. We returned to the VFL to adjust the design and came out with a much more effective product. We will be using this in our final presentation and video.

Below you’ll see some stills from our earlier and more recent prototypes.




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