Week 3 assignment – 49ers (1)

Assignment – Same Groups start to brainstorm 3rd place building tool for 49ers stadium (three weeks till presentation) This week you will be expected to do the first part of the design diamond, focussing on divergent discovery

    1. Use the linked articles as a starting point to find out about the underlying technical infrastructure of Levis Stadium. This is background research
      1. http://www.levisstadium.com/stadium-info/stadium-app/
      2. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2013/03/the-49ers-plan-to-build-the-greatest-stadium-wi-fi-network-of-all-time/
    2. Research existing products in the market that exist in a similar market (sports stadiums, multi-person interactive moments in public space); categorize them.
    3. Research your user, and group by level of engagement across a timeline.
    4. Find an expert to interview to find out more about this market, bullet point your findings. This expert should have a deep relationship with sports stadia.
    5. Make a list of actions that already are happening at this place (ordering drinks, cheering the team, watching other games…)
    6. Write 4 quick treatments of your creation myth. This is the identity or brand of what you are going to be designing. This can be total fiction, a story that can communicate the mood and should give the reason for your design to exist as well as give people the reason to connect. This could be a word cloud, a poem, a fictional myth, or a 2 sentence synopsis of a story that evokes the flavor or emotion of an experience. Don’t chose one yet.
    7. Put all of the above documentation under the category “— 49ers Diverge (research)for review next class.

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