49ers Diverge Research – Carrie, Jess, Marcelo, & Shixiao

Existing Products in the Market
US Open – Tennis ear radio
Paris St. Germain Soccer Stadium – upload experience to view at home
SnapChat – specific stories
Arkansas Football Stadium – Live streaming the game outside
LED screens/panels
Cameras (multiple viewing angles)
Lighting effects

Bonus Incentives:

Food services / delivery
VIP areas
Kids play areas
How to get around / find things:
Level of Engagement Across a Timeline
We interviewed long-time Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fan and Stadium Attendee, Martee Halloran, about her experiences at Raymond James Stadium.
What’s it like attending a football game?
  • When the team is doing well, there’s a better atmosphere in the stadium
  • When they are losing, she prefers to stay home
How do you choose what games to go to?
  • Corporate tickets were perfect for seating and viewing because they were on the 50 yard line and high up, but they were boring.
  • If we wanted to go to a game bad enough and sit in the nosebleeds we would spend 40-50 dollars and we were around the true diehard Buc’s fans.
Who do you go with? How many people?
  • In corporate sections, it was [my husband] and I.
What’s offered at the stadium?
  • Giant pirate ship where people throw candy and beads. It’s like a mini mardi gras.
  • At halftime, Peewee league kids went on the field to play football, and the fans would scream and roar for the little kids.
  • The team does a lot for the community of Tampa Bay, homeless single-mother things, each player has his own charitable organization.
  • Each section has outdoor venues for food. More casual outside and more formal bars inside.
  • The tailgates get a little fancy: people playing music, some are hired.
Do you use your phone/device while watching the game? during breaks? before/after?
  • I used to but I quit. I don’t like to be taunted [by relatives watching at home].
What is your favorite part of the experience of attending a game? What is your least favorite part?
  • My favorite of all time is meeting the Air Force pilots who fly over before the game.
  • My least favorite are the opposing team fans. They’re just obnoxious, not even drunkeness.
What do you want to see implemented?
  • There’s this big push for women and children take more of an interest in the NFL and to come to more games. As a layperson I would never be able to pay $365 to get good seats. The NFL would have to do something to get families and women in, not to have to get nosebleed seats.
List of Actions
  • buy tickets
  • go to stadium
  • park car
  • find seat
  • sit
  • cheer the team
  • taunt the opposing team
  • yell
  • wait in lines
  • watch tv screens / displays
  • watch the game
  • watch people
  • watch cheerleaders
  • make friends
  • talk with people
  • take pictures
  • go to the bathroom
  • record video
  • listen to the radio
  • work – check email / messages
  • check schedule / stats
  • check news
  • check / share on social media
  • talk on the phone
  • walk around
  • buy drinks/food
  • eat food
  • get autographs
  • drink beverage
  • resell tickets
  • shopping / buy souvenirs
Creation Myth
Word Cloud
Haiku #1
Football stadium
Looking down on the players
My nose is bleeding
Haiku #2
Football is so cool
Even if you know nothing
Cheering for your team
There once was a woman named Alice
Who worshiped the Cowboys from Dallas.
She scalped for good seats
But, alas, they were cheats.
Now she’s filled with disdain and malice.

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