Week 4 Assignment

How do you get people engaged with a low barrier of entry, can you leverage an existing action or capture people’s attention to do something that they always wanted to or had never even thought of? How do you teach a new action that results in something that makes the investment worth it?

  • (Diamond define) Based on your preliminary research and creation myth, define your goals and parameters and post them by Friday under “49ers – G&P” category
  • (Diamond develop) Based on your Goals and Parameters have an ideation session and come up with the first iteration of your idea. Represent it as a diagrammed user experience and post to the “49ers – User Diagram” category. Think about:
    • Ways to get people engaged  
    • Educating people before they get to the stadium or before they “sign on.”
    • How do they take the experience home with them?
    • Are there other technologies or platforms within Levi’s Stadium that can be leveraged in your experience?

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