Visual Resume

900lbs of Steel

90 MPH

April 1997

Slide Show


Inner-City Arts 1997-1999

designed and ran ceramics program for children 8-12



commissioned commercial signs 1996-1997
award winning sign designed and constructed 1997 Claremont,CA
students using slab technique to build pots which can hold water
designed and constructed 1996 Pomona,CA
collaboratively built coil pots with a minimum height of 18"
designed and constructed 1996 Pomona, CA
coil pots on display at Inner City Arts gallery

sculptures 1994-1996
it's my father's father's father's oldsmobile 1994-1996 R.I.P.
earth bound chair 1995
bench 1996
balance chair 1995
pipe to potholder 1995
quiet me in clay slipcast 1996
me hat rack detail 1995
the reincarnation of 900lbs of dropped steel