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Team Flux – Week 5

After getting helpful feedback from the classmates and Michael, this week our team worked on prototyping the structure and also going back to the space to find out where we can place it and how we can make the structure more interactive and purposeful.


Following Jeff’s group feedback, we were thinking an approach might be to make around 10 small units, each with a sheet of mylar and light source. We could make little pools of light, and place them through the space (or prob one end of the space) to make a kind of light pathway and we could try different configurations to see what’s most interesting to people.

We tried a couple of things – the triangle form looks nice, and we could build with proper materials, but the mylar doesn’t wave very naturally (though there was no wind to test with so maybe shaking it was misleading). We also tried cutting the mylar so it flapped more. Lastly we tried a hanging ball, with a light beneath. We will continue to explore the form of  the construction.


Back to North End Way

We also went back to the North End Way on Sunday night around 5:15pm 6:15pm and observed where the opportunities could be to make our prototype more engaging.



Surroundings businesses: We observed the surrounding stores and businesses during the dark and categorized them to food related business, stores, entertainment. The food related businesses were open until 9pm or later and movie theatre was open until later, which generated foot traffic. However, the stores closed earlier.


Movie goers: Around 5:28pm, large crowd of movie goers left the theatre in various direction. We could possibly use these crowd to generate interest to our structure, since there is regular movie time during the night.



Popular Area: There were consistently lots of people around Shake Shack, creating more noise on the north end of the walkway.



Walking Patterns/pathway: People generally walked to their right side of the walkway and tend to look towards to restaurant sitting area. How can we change the behavior of the people walking through this area?


Other interesting note: There were surprisingly many people walking with strollers or children on a Sunday night. It could be the soccer game next to the area, but children might be a great way to entice the adult as well.


Potential Location: Most of the area is made of glass, but there are some small wall space across from the restaurant area that could be a great place to put our installation.

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Team Flux – Week 4


The space at North End Way is much quieter and darker at night. There is an eerie feeling to walking through the long, quiet corridor. As you walk through the 11,000 square feet passageway, passing all of the closed shops and restaurants there is a opportunity to provide a source of playfulness and intrigue.

We will create a physical device that utilizes sheets of mylar, light and proximity sensors to produce light that will cause different and unique effects. The device will be places on the wall facing Shake Shack, near the entrance. Regardless of whether anyone is nearby, we will use the wind and light, reflecting off the mylar, to project light onto the ground. This light projection will be the first source of intrigue. As you get closer to the device the lights will brighten and will follow you as you walk around the space and near the device.


UX Diagram:


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49ers User Journey – Sarah, Trent, Mini, Sam

Structure Throughout the Game


User Journey Diagram


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Design Diamond – Sam W., Trent, Sarah, Mini

Image 9-22-14 at 5.35 PM


We went wide on thinking of ideas of what to map. Below is the list of ideas:

  • Railing Architecture; social elements such as Entering and Exiting styles
  • Paths to approach the museum
  • Food Vendors; placement and type
  • Tables at either end of the plaza
  • Differences in width of steps and their affect on paths
  • Direction of the sun
  • Areas of shade and their effect
  • Points for photography
  • Direction of approach to the museum (hypothesis: subways have an effect)
  • Number of people in each group
  • Catalyst, or reason for being on the steps, including meeting with coworkers, meeting friends, studying art
  • Age of people
  • Location of pigeons
  • How people pose for photos, or percentage of selfies
  • Soundscape, including the water fountains, road noise, and conversations
  • Direction people were facing–forward and in staggered elevations
  • Smells, such as mustard, hot dogs, and almonds roasted in sugar
  • Tactile effects, such as a rigid sitting style and the feeling of stone


We narrowed in to define what was of interest (our criteria was a bit arbitrary, so there’s a problem with the process)

  • Railing Architecture; social elements such as Entering and Exiting styles
  • Paths to approach the museum
  • Areas of shade and their effect
  • Points for photography
  • Number of people in each group
  • Catalyst, or reason for being on the steps, including meeting with coworkers, meeting friends, studying art
  • Location of pigeons
  • Soundscape, including the water fountains, road noise, and conversations


We developed the maps through observation and documentation, followed up by conversation


We set to work individually to create the deliverables (without much collaboration, another problem with the model)

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Steps of Metropolitan Museum of Art

Steps Up and Down
















MET Steps.006



MET Steps.003











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Mini’s quick indie project

quickindieproject01 quickindieproject02


My quick indie project is a project from Urban Fiction class in the Spring of 2013. It is called Change the Story and it main goal is to bring awareness about the street harassment on the street and creating a community of supporters who will not blame the women or the men being abused, but will take an action to change the story of the person being harassed. Street harassments happen often in the subway platform and I think it is important to tell the story so that people will feel empathetic and change their view on the topic.


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Mini on “Third Places”

I  like to have my private space and often shy away from talking to strangers. I personally spend so much time with people in New York City – at work, at school, at networking event etc – that when I have the time I either want to be around my friends or by with my cute dogs.

However, this article intrigued me to search for the third places around me. The most obvious one was central park during off leash hour. Before 9AM in the central park, dogs are allowed to be off leashed. It is like a dog heaven. I started to go at 7AM because my dogs like to run around on a grass (not a graveled dog park). Once you start to go regularly, you will see same people over and over and people make conversation casually.


The second one that I see is the Doonya bollywood dancing workout studio. I started to go because I love bollywood dancing and I used to go on and off. Recently I started to go more regularly and you start to talk to the other regulars.

The third one is church. Every sunday people gather to share the religious belief, but the social after and eating lunch together is also the part of the experience.

After thinking about the third places that I know, it seemed like most of the third places around me isn’t deliberately made. The central park had to set up a rule that interested people and Doonya and church needed to engage people so that they sustain their business or function. It seems like the key to successful third place is some how making the people regulars.

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