The Bronx Odyssey

OD_Bubbling Water OD_Washing Clothes OD_Athena

An art project funded by the Social Security Administration and The JFK Jr. Foundation for Worker Education 2007.

Michael Schneider and Bruce Odland are working with 17 year olds who live in The Bronx and receive social security because of a disability that they have, ranging for asthma to severe Cerebral Palsy. The 17 year olds are documenting their personal Odyssey living in the Bronx, being 17, having a disability and all the other trials and tribulations associated with general life. Using audio, video and still image, the students collect and then tag and embed meta-data onto the media using custom software. They share their discoveries with each other and choose images and sounds and grooves that they like. Homer’s story of the Odyssey is used as a structure which guides the students in content collection. This content will be able to be re-mixed through a web interface as well as a physical mixing station.

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