Good Vibrations

The Trailer Hands in recyling Memory

An artist residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Australia, in collaboration with Bruce Odland. We designed and built an interactive multi-modal brain in a trailer for people to re-experience their world through and re-mix memories that the trailer had collected. “Good Vibrations” was toured around Australia collecting memories with children with disabilities, after which it was parked in front of the MCA for the general public to experience.

“When you enter the caravan you experience the environment quite differently through color, vibration, and sound, and patterns of the elements that the caravan has collected on its journey. The level of mediation, resolution and clarity is all be controlled through interacting with a simple vibro-tactile interface inside the trailer. Our previous work together went well beyond accessibility requirements into communication with populations previously thought unreachable, and we are very interested in keeping this wide accessibility at the center of our new work, including wheelchair access.”

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just7letters' Good Vibrations MCA 2006 photoset just7letters’ Good Vibrations MCA 2006 photoset