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Michael Luck Schneider was Senior Interaction Designer of New Technologies at moey inc., an exhibition design company in Brooklyn, NY.

While working at moey inc. I had the opportunity to work on a number of exciting projects. Because of the small size of the firm I would often see a project from start to finish: meeting with clients, developing a proposal, making a mochup, user testing, protoyping and final production. Below is a description of some of the projects that I worked on:

The Intrepid Air and Space Museum, “Hall of Heroes” Created the audio-video systems design, specified the equipment and installed it.
Built interactive audio Bell 47 helicopter exhibit.
Specified and purchased 5 projector system, including rear-projection system.

Staten Island Children’s Museum, “Insect Orchestra” and “Spider Vibrate”
Engineered, prototyped and built two interactive pieces for the Staten Island Children’s Museum. “Insect Orchestra” was a large screen of animated insects that you could listen to if you pushed the associated button. Each insect had a loop button and a sample button so that you could jam with insect sounds.

“Spider Vibrate” was a game of finding your dinner by feeling for vibrations on different strings. Sound, vibration and light cues helped you as you got hungrier.

National Building Museum, “The Green House”
Worked with the National Building Museum in Washington D.C. to design, prototype, fabricate and install a series of interactive panels explaining water and power conservation. The exhibit was built out of green materials.

American Museum of Natural History
Designed and built a number of interactive pieces for the museum including:

  • a 4′ x 8′ interactive floor that created dinosaur prints when walked upon
  • An interactive video wall that warped time and space when approached
  • a tower of VFD displays that displayed the current time as if it was going a percentage of the speed of light

CES 2005 Panasonic Battery Display
Programmed and installed interactive advertisement for Panasonic at CES 2005.

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