Team Tapper — First Prototype

Team members: Effy, Sunnie, Luke, and Amy  /  3rd Place: Barcade
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From mapping out our Barcade users, we noticed that a lot of the “craft beer connoisseurs” tend to stay by the bar area and very rarely venture out to the video games side, given an exception or two and so we wanted to quickly test if we could get a beer goer to become a gamer, by pairing a selection of their daily beers with a video game, just like how restaurants pair wine and food. We paired how a video game is played and the taste of the beer, for example a slow-paced “thinking” video game would go nicely with a heavy beer like Guinness, which is meant to be enjoyed in sips versus the Daytona video game would go with a lighter beer that is easier to down.

Here is our menu:

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