Team Tapper—Week 4


1. John heads to BARCADE after a tiring day of work.

2. He looks up at the interactive bar menu and knows at a glance what other people have been ordering—what’s popular.

3. He sees that the IPA is about to kick.

4.  He decides to order an IPA from the bar keep.

5/6. John sees that the bar countertop looks like the arcade game Asteroids.

7. When he puts his beer glass down, his cup destroys one asteroid into many flying pieces.

8. He mentions to the girl next to him that her beer glass took down a rocket ship. They start to chat.

9. John asks her if she wants to check out who is playing on the high score board.

10. They head over together and watch as someone is playing PACMAN on the projection board/wall.



1. Al stops by BARCADE during his lunch break. He has an hour to kill and he wants to spend it there playing a few games of PACMAN.

2. He heads straight for the arcade game.

3. As he is about to surpass the highest score, he pushes a button that projects his game onto the highest score board/wall. Everyone starts to crowd around the wall to watch.

4. After that round, he decides to take a break and order a beer. He decides on an IPA. The IPA disppears on the interactive bar menu as the keg just kicked.

5. As the bar keep places Al’s IPA on the bar countertop, the glass just misses an asteroid.

6. Al heads straight back to PACMAN for another go with his IPA in tow.

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