Team Jared: Invisible Cities

“Zora, a city that no one, having seen it, can forget.”

The ephemeral city of Zora is tied to our memories. Our senses feel the sounds, the patterns, and the imagery of the city. We pass by and see these things and connect to what is meaningful within Zora. It’s locals, history, establishments, and particular quirks. We access information through these aspects. Point to point. Place to place.

As we travel, we perceive our moment within the city, making note of what we pass by. Encapsulating each and every detail and placing it within the tapestry of our memory of that place. Colors give way to an identity. A way-finding apparatus. A jingle ringing softly in our ears connoting a particular placement. Images move across our commute. Our interest is piqued.

How do we gain semblance inside this large city and extend a hand to others to understand? Can we be engaged in the events of this city? Only if we are tapping into and designing for our memories.

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