Team ParkTalk in the city of Tamara

The city of Tamara is filled with images of things that mean other things. You can meander through the city and experience its bustling marketplaces nestled amongst its grand architecture. You can never visit the city once. It has an enigmatic charm. Like a great book, it beckons you come back again and again to discover something new each time.

Within this great city, you can find Tamara Square Park. It is an urban fantastical and forest-like park which, like a chameleon, changes its mood and nature based on the eclectic beings that temporarily inhabit its space. The park hosts entertainment and escapism that attracts all walks of life, including both regulars and newcomers. As you walk through the park, you’ll see various iconography that depict the chosen favorite locations and activities of the park’s regular visitors. The signs are intentionally in a specific language/code created by locals/regulars. The same symbols and icons hold a separate, wayfinding interpretation for newcomers. Both categories of individuals are a necessary ingredient to contribute to the energy and liveliness of the park. In this manner, the local and tourists coexist in a harmonious and symbiotic relationship.

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