Infocomm 2008

200807161528.jpg James and Michael Luck


Projection Surfaces

my new addiction, stereographic Quake II (5)

3D Technologies getting much better and there is impressive content developed for it

  • Spatialized Sound and Visuals – coolux
  • Da-lite- Virtual Black
  • Screen Goo – front projection 3D (maintains polarization) Ultra Silver 3D
  • Projection Design – 3D projectors
  • Philips – Multiview Lenticular (9 views)
  • Lightspeed Design – production company for Da-lite 3D content


Projectors micro, short throw, hi res, 16:10

  • Micro projectors – 3M, Atlantis
  • Pocket projector – Samsung (LED light source, can not replace)
  • SONY – 4K projectors (SXRD stands for Silicon X-tal Reflective Display)
  • 16:10 projectors
  • Barco – 1920×1200 NW-12 and NW-5 (smaller version)
  • Sanyo 4LCD projectors
  • LCOS


LCD Displays

  • Magink – passive displays (requires external light source)
  • Samsung – 82″ & 70
    • Video wall
    • Outdoor (enclosed) display, plasma?
  • Tovis – StrectchedLCD
  • Curved Display – Ostendo Engadget report
  • Kortek – touch display with embedded PC, video walls, touch
  • NEC – super hi res displays (medical imaging application)


LED Displays



  • Meyersound – MM-4Xp powered, outdoor applications, custom colors
  • Renkus-Heinz – Sygma, COBRA-NET compatible, centralized control
  • Innovox – higher end speakers for LCD displays, wall mountable, custom colors check out mini mini line array
  • Gilderfluke – embedded system sound playback with amplifier, solid state

Teleconferencing and Telepresence

Media Scheduler/Controller

Smart Boards


Mounting Systems

  • Mode-AL – flat screen mounting solution


Signal Extender

Computer Vision

General Thoughts

Green (popular but not solutions except for maybe Greenguard label for projection screens)

  • Making room multi-purpose
  • match projection screen with size type and orientation of room
  • using window film or automatic shades to adjust for time of day and brightness
  • Using screens that don’t off-gas and are recyclable
  • They start green AV specialty interest group
  • remote maintenance
  • telecommuting!!!!
  • current A/V has false power consumption how do we test for real power consumption
  • automatically turning things off
  • maximizing lower wattage solutions (projection and audio)

Future of AV

  • Consumer electronics driven especial the interfaces that people are expecting
  • unlimited bandwidth (download HD movie in 3 seconds)
  • prevalence of wireless
  • bandwidth as necessary utility(water, gas, electricity, bandwidth)
  • Second life as a place for AV gathering

Projection Screen Designing

  • Screen Gain
  • viewing cone
  • ambient lighting
  • brightness, contrast
  • front vs. rear
  • standardizing lumens

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