07 Tech Tuesday – The Live Park

The Live Park – An interactive multi-media experience/theme park in Korea just north of Seoul.

Here is a write up of what I was able to glean from internet research on this new venue.

It is interesting that this is the “First Episode,” it is a highly themed experience that will run for a year or so, and then I assume a “Second Episode” will be designed and produced for it.

Live Park The First Episode
Opened November 2011
At the Kintex center in IlSan a Seoul “sister city”
Designed and produced by Dstrict http://global.dstrict.com/ who now have a NY branch

  • Took 2 years to build
  • $14 Million and 200 people
  • 110,000 square feet

Ticket Prices are as Follows

  • Adult – Weekend – $16 Weekday – $14
  • Child – Weekend – $14 Weekday – $11
  • Family of 3 – Weekend – $36 Weekday – $27
  • Family of 4 Weekend – $45 Weekday – $36
  • Weekend before 1pm 2 tickets for $22

Includes the following components:
Visitors get an RF ID bracelet and use it to tag in and have avatars and their photos following them and interacting with them.

  1. Holographic Performance – (5Syno)
    1. a scripted show using an immersive holographic stage set.
    2. Stage is used for travelling shows as well (music, and performance)
  2. 360 immersive theater (4Meta)
    1. an interactive film that I believe audience members use kinect-like gesture to control
  3. Media Facade (2Poly)
    1. a projection mapped experience of war
  4. Robot Performance (Station)
    1. Robot also gives information
  5. Interactive light cave (1Windy)
    1. an LED light cave the can be controlled through sound and gesture.
  6. Interactive Space all around the main character Poly (2Poly)
    1. Movie with the main character Poly
    2. touch tables with games
    3. Mobile controlled interactives
    4. Drum and instrument controlled interactives
  7. Interactive Maze (3MIR)
    1. walking and interactive maze with 3D interactives
  8. A Meta Show 4Meta
    1. The meta show happening in the 360 theater including shouting.

Link to The Live Park
Link To PDF map of the space
Link to edgadget write-up
A parent’s blog of a visit

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