02 Tech Tuesday – DST Touchscreen


The 3M DST Controller

Touch Technology comes in many different flavors.

3M makes one called DST (Dispersive Signal Technology), that, in a nutshell, listens to the vibrations of your finger hitting the screen and dragging across the screen. It is a single-touch panel and come in sizes 32″ – 55″.

Each touch technology has a number of plusses and minuses here are DSTs


  • Pretty accurate drag
  • Durable and impervious to most contaminants and scratches
  • Ignores static objects on the screen (palms, glasses, poker chips)
  • Can use a stylus or any other object to activate
  • Antiglare surface feels good and good to look at


  • Medium response speed
  • Click requires a firm touch
  • Click and hold is not possible
  • Drag only works well in the center

More Information on 3Ms DST

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