03 Fog and Water Projection

There are a number of different options for creating a display surface using water.

Fog Screens

FOG Screen – A company that makes 3 versions of a full fog screen system. This only requires power and a water line to play. These work by creating a thin sheet of water mist that falls evenly down to create a projection surface. It is fairly expensive and requires a decent amount of maintenance to keep it clean and functioning well but these are probably the most common ones out there. They work well indoors in a very low air-movement environment.

Water Screens


Water Screens spray water upwards to create a surface to project on. Often the mechanics are submerged in a body of water. The water spray has some depth to it so images can take on a 3D feeling but also are a bit blurry. These are usually for outdoor events and ideally in low-wind environments.

Here is a provider
Aquatic Show

Water Curtain


Water Curtains (also referred to as Water Screens by some providers) drop water from a truss above to create the projection surface. These can work for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Here are a number of providers:

See Factory or Favaran (not sure which of these companies did these projects as they feature the same projects)
Aquatic Show

Digital Water Curtain


A digital water curtain known as Aqua Graphics is a product made by Aquatic Show and works by controlling the dropping of water in order to create an image. Here is a really cool video of a circular aqua graphic.

A company to look at the designs beautiful water features is Wet Design. They do great work that is very impressive.

Here is a very cool application of a water screen for a commercial that was shot in NYC pier 54 and produced by Gisellah Harvey

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