04 Tech Tuesday – CES 2012 Pt. 1

A couple of fun stand outs at CES 2012 for day 1

screenGrab 2012-01-10 at 5.26.17 PM.png

VIZIO has released a number of “CinemaWide” displays coming in at a 21:9 ratio.
Perfect for a football game and your chat/tweet/fantasy communication running on the side.

Sharp is releasing an 80″ LCD (yes 80″ (our conference room plasma is a tiny 65″) that is supposedly really affordable <$7000 (hard to believe).
Could be a game changer at that.


A couple of new developments in the multitouch arena.

3M is showing there 46″ multi-touch screen, the larger version of the 32″ demo that we saw in our office a couple of months ago. This is still the only large touch screen on the market that gives smartphone-quality touch with almost no latency and a smooth surface. This will be released in Q3


MultiTaction has released an “infinite touchpoint” 55″ table which is supposed to be quite good and the video is really impressive. It seems to be able to read barcodes and other visual input which is interesting as it will be a nice competitor for Samsung’s SUR40 that was made for the Surface 2

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