05 Tech Tuesday – CES 2012 Pt. 2 – The future is mediated…

Is the future this bizarre looking or are thousands of people walking around in the street looking at their devices just as strange or stranger…

Here are a couple of devices shown at CES 2012 that put a screen between you and the world around you in a potentially successful way. You are starting to get 720p resolution screens at 50″ – 90″ apparent inches with 3D capability and for a price of around $300… not bad. Got to try it to know what it is really like but maybe the fact that I never went for laser surgery wasn’t so bad…


Vuzix announced two new products coming out for the consumer market in 2013, one a full 2D 3D hdmi glasses and one a single eye piece. These work by using a pico projector that gets transmitted through light tubes in the plastic lens and recreate at the designated spot.


Lumus also released a similar pair of 3D capable 720 glasses development kit.


So this one is a little different. It is called Golden-i and is developed by Motorola, Microsoft, TI and others. It is a 15″ heads-up display with very good voice recognition and head-tracking for mouse control. The idea being that you can have a computer there and control it without using your hands. Not sure why they would want this little display instead of integrating it into one of the before mentioned AR glasses. The computer is built into the head band and runs on batteries for 6 hours (and runs windows CE). Here is Endgadgets take.

OK and because of my pop ignorance seeing things like Justin Bieber and this robot make me feel kind of awkward… and I wanted share that.

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